Grow a Davis Apartment Veggie Garden

Here is some great advice from our friends at HGTV about how to successfully grow your very own veggie garden in a Tandem apartment. Need supplies? The folks downtown at Ace Hardware will get you fixed up.

Window Box Gardening is Fun and Effective

Growing your own vegetables doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of time and energy digging up a chunk of the yard. A container as compact as a window box can support some small but tasty veggies, making it a great option if you have only a limited space or limited sun — or if you don’t have the resources to care for a larger garden. A window box planting is also an easy way to introduce kids to the fun of growing and harvesting their own food.

Materials Needed:

  • large bucket or tub (optional)
  • potting soil
  • water
  • window box
  • lettuce seeds (1 packet)
  • radish seeds (1 packet)
  • dwarf (ball-type) carrot seeds (1 packet)
  • liquid organic fertilizer

For the rest of the instructions, click on the link above. Happy gardening (and eating!).