Join the UC Davis Aggie Pack!

Fans (fisheye)The UC Davis Aggie Pack is getting ready to release this year’s limited edition t-shirt, and we can’t wait to be the first ones to try them on! Tandem Properties been a proud sponsor of the Aggie Pack since 1995. In fact, we are the official sponsor of the UC Davis Aggie Pack!

Are you new to UC Davis and confused about what the Aggie Pack is? According to the AP web site:

The Aggie Pack is about…students supporting other students. The Aggie Pack means more that just being a fan at a game. It means being part of the greatest University in California and doing it in a way that is uplifting to the students, the campus, and the community. It is about showing the world what great students can do and what UC Davis is all about.

…Show your AGGIE PRIDE by attending athletic contests, WEARING AGGIE BLUE and filling up the Aggie Pack Student Section with the CRAZIEST, MOST DEVOTED fans in the NCAA. Join the Aggie Pack FREE by simply attending any Aggie Pack event. Check-in, get your FREE AGGIE T-SHIRT, and get ready to make some noise!

There’s even an app called Aggie Traditions that students can download on to their smartphones. It lists 50 traditions to complete to earn a special medallion at graduation. Aggie Pack is tradition #39. It’s our favorite Aggie Tradition!