Roommate Humor: 15 Things You're Glad Only Your Roommate Knows

Davis roommates share  a lot.  Maybe too much according to HerCampus’ 15 Things You’re Glad Only Your Roommate Knows. Here are only a few of our favorites:

1. The last time you washed your hair.

God made baseball caps for a reason.

2. The work out clothes you’re wearing are for a “comfy cute” look. You have absolutely no intention of going to the gym.

Do these sneakers make me look active?

3. Your “I’m gonna puke” face.

Excuse me, driver? You’re going to need to pull over.


10. What food is absolutely, positively yours and ONLY yours.

There’s no “u” in bagel bites.

11. Every disgusting bodily function.

You know it’s true.


15. The frequency of your “I don’t want to adult” anxiety attacks.

I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine.

 See the rest at the source: 15 Things You’re Glad Only Your Roommate Knows.