And These Are Some of the Smartest Kids in the Country?

We here at Tandem were wondering what some of our new UC Davis residents were going to be like, so we did a little online fishing about the incoming class of 2017. We stumbled upon a hilarious compilation of Facebook reactions from of people who had been accepted to various higher-end institutes of higher learning.

So what is on the mind of the average incoming college freshman? Mostly food and cartoons.

Tufts – To all the creative/science pros in here, I’m about to extract DNA from a banana, but I was wondering- does anyone have any idea of what I can do with the DNA post-extraction?

Johns Hopkins – Is there a club at Johns Hopkins University dedicated to the My Little Pony fandom?

MIT – Anyone else excited for the new Pokemon XY?

Vanderbilt – Who else already has a tattoo and piercing list for college? Keep it classy, never trashy, but always just a little nasty. Stanford – Ever wonder what a vegetable thinks about. 

Northwestern – I have a cat for each 26 letters of the alphabet. Whenever one dies we replace it with the same letter. For example last year when Mathew died we got a new cat to replace M and named it Mickey. That way we keep the balance of 26 cats. Its been a family tradition for the last 80 years when my grandma was a little girl in Libya.

Harvard – If there’s anything my acceptance into Harvard has taught me, it’s that I can do anything I put my mind to. I’ve officially blown through 5 seasons of How I Met Your Mother and 3 of The Office in the past 2 weeks alone. Netflix should give me a gold star or something for my focus and stellar work ethic. I’m so ready for college.

Stanford – Some of my favorite things are bread, books, the idea of coffee (not the taste), the sound of violins, secret agents, random deep conversations, and for some reason right now the word ARTICHOKE.