Cranbrook Apartments - Only ONE Two Bedroom Left!

Comfort, Convenience, and Style. Designer 1×1 and 2×1 Apartments at Cranbrook.

Close to the UC Davis campus:

Only 2.1mi / 3.4km from campus. Easy walking, biking and busing to the UC Davis campus and shopping. Click on the bus line name to see the current schedule. PQE

For a warm and welcoming community in a fabulous location, call Cranbrook today at (530) 756-9522. All we’re missing is you!


955 Cranbrook Court 
Davis, CA 95616 USA
Phone: (877) 867-5397
Located just a few blocks north of the downtown Davis scene, Cranbrook’s pool always sparkles, the trees and grass are always green, and the “Cranagement” team always has your back. If you’re looking for an affordable one or two bedroom apartment close to downtown, then Cranbrook is where you belong!

Property Stand Outs:

* Cheerful and friendly service

* Walking/biking distance to downtown Davis

* Study lounge with Wi-Fi

* Great community

* Convenient freeway access

* Easy bike or bus to UC Davis campus

* 24-hour pool, spa, laundry, fitness center and more.

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Find friends old and new at Cranbrook.


From Facebook: 

Dean: "If you don't do anything but simply live here you'll love it. If you take it a step further and use the pool, the study lounge, and the exercise room you'll gain a whole new understanding of what it means to really live at Cranbrook. That understanding can be summed up in one word: Cranagement. Cranagement is the fun, caring, and professional on site staff that is driven to make your stay feel like home. We've lived here for three years. Some of our neighbors have been here for six or more years. The location is perfect. Super easy to get downtown, Woodland, I-80 toward San Francisco or Lake Tahoe, and even Winters. I can't say enough about Cranbrook and Cranagement. Thank you for making our stay feel like home! Home is where the cookies are :-)"
Richy: "The vibe the community gives off is energetic even the smallest gestures whether it be a smile or a hello can enhance your mood!" 

From Yelp:

Kunyu C.: "My boyfriend and I lived here for all three years while I was in law school.  Even though there were places that were closer to campus, cheaper, or newer, we stuck with Cranbrook because the management is awesome.

When we first came to Davis for apartment hunting, Cranbrook was probably the fifth place we'd been to on an unbelievably hot July day.  We'd never been to Davis before and didn't know what to expect, but the housing assistant, Sara S. (who sadly is no longer there), really took her time to explain the housing market in Davis, the Davis Model Lease, Tandem, the DavisWiki, etc.  She wanted to make sure that we didn't get taken in, which was much appreciated.

Over the years, "Cranagement" has been fantastic.  They never hesitate to take matters in hand when the music downstairs is too loud, or the sketchy behavior of two questionable neighbors is too much.  (And really, only two sketchy people in all the time we were there is pretty good.)  They do their best to keep the pool from becoming a "public" pool (gtfo, Pinecrest).  Cranagement is always immediately responsive when there is an issue with the apartment (and it was always a rare occasion), and they always very specifically ask if they have permission to enter.  They were more than willing to put packages inside our apartment when they were perishable or sensitive.  The leasing office, gym, clubhouse, laundry, and pool are usually well kept and very clean.  We never had a rodent/pest problem, other than spiders that like to make lots of webs outside.

A couple months ago, a water main broke and the whole complex didn't have water for a weekend.  Cranagement and Tandem worked tirelessly with the city to fix the pipes.  They brought in special bathroom and shower trailers for residents to use, which were actually pretty nice and not as awkward as it sounds.  They even paid for some people's hotel rooms and laundry in the meantime.

And have I mentioned the food??  They provide free coffee/tea, snacks, candy, and cookies in the leasing office.  If you're lucky enough to get a hold of some of Krissy's lemonade, it's amazeballs.  They also have a free Thanksgiving dinner catered every year, which is delish.  This past year, they've provided PB&Js and other snacky things during finals weeks as well.

We will miss this place and the superb management.  Thanks for making our time in Davis so great!"

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Pet Policy

Cats and small caged animals allowed. Aquariums over 15 gallons permitted on ground floor only. No snakes or dogs allowed (except companion animals such as guide dogs).


Price :
$935 – $1,330  
Pets Allowed :
Cats and small caged animals allowed. Aquariums over 15 gallons permitted on ground floor only. No snakes or dogs allowed (except companion animals such as guide dogs).  
Address :
955 Cranbrook Court, Davis, CA 95616, USA  
Distance From Campus :
Spa :
Pool :
Fitness Center :
ClubHouse :
Central Heat/Air :
On-Site Storage :