Tandem in the Community

Locally grown within Davis—a community that fosters education, sustainability, and philanthropy—Tandem is a company committed to maintaining the unique culture that defines both Tandem and the broader Davis community. Since our foundation 50 years ago, we’ve worked to build more than just apartments; we build relationships. The unique connections that Tandem has built result from a vision of community with an unmatched standard of care. We invest locally because we love where we live.

Here are some of the ways Tandem gives back, some of the organizations and projects we’ve supported, and a few of our recognitions from the community:

Philanthropy & Community Involvement

  • Tandem Organic Farm–Produce grown on John Whitcombe’s personal property in North Davis is harvested by Tandem employees and given to local food banks and the UC Davis Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center.
  • Tandem Foundation – Our foundation started in 2000 which gives educational grants to Davis schools each year. Our 2023 grant donations totaled $40,000 and can be found here.
  • The Davis Enterprise Davis Centennial Celebration edition included an article about Tandem’s history and contribution to the community as a “Business That Built Davis.”
  • Davis Chamber of Commerce “Business of the Year” Award 2017
  • Aggie Pack – We have a long history of supporting athletics and were the corporate sponsor of Aggie pack from 1995 to 2015.
  • Sam Paneno Scholarship –A former scholarship for UC Davis athletes named after a Tandem resident and former UC Davis football player who overcame adversity after an injury.

Projects Our Team Helped Bring to the Community


Other Organizations We’ve Supported


Environmental & Sustainability History

  • Waste Reduction Award Program, multiple years, CA EPA
  • One of California’s largest geothermal heat pumps is used to heat and cool The Colleges at La Rue.
  • City of Davis Environmental Recognition Award, 1998 (Northstar Ponds and Bike Trails)
  • City of Davis Commendation for Environmental Excellence, 1982 (Pajaro Solar Condominiums)
  • In 1977, the Tandem Partners formed Trident Energy, a company that pioneered alternative energy and solar power conservation systems for new homes. Many of the original Trident systems can be found still functioning in homes throughout Davis.
  • In the mid-1970’s, Tandem built what at the time was the largest solar apartment community in the US, Suntree Apartments.