Meet the Neighbors at Your Davis Apartment

One of the funnest things about living in a Tandem apartment in Davis is all of the different people you’ll meet. A lot of our neighbors eventually become roommates, friends, or more!

But whether your next door neighbor is a Kramer or a Mrs. Kravitz, it’s important to make every reasonable effort to get along with them. Those first steps can make the difference between coming home to a heaven or a Hades.

Pick a good time to introduce yourself.

When you move in to a new neighborhood or building, it can be a good idea to introduce yourself to some of the neighbors. But you don’t have to launch off on a meet-and-greet mission right away. I talked to Alissa Green of My First Apartment, who recommends a bit of caution:

When debating whether or not to introduce yourself to your new neighbors, first do some casual recon.

Does your neighbor seem like someone you’d want in your life? Of course, it would be wonderful tohave a great friendship with a neighbor, but there’s also reason to be cautious as well.

The thing about neighbor-friends, as opposed to any other type of friends, is that your neighbor knows
where you live AND has total access to you. It’s often easy to befriend a neighbor…it’s not as easy to “unfriend.” You don’t want someone constantly stopping by, asking you for favors, especially if it’s not a reciprocal relationship.

For more information on getting along with your Tandem apartment in Davis neighbors, please visit this link at

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