Davis Zipcar Now at Russell Park!

Zipcar in Davis at Russell Park apartments

Happy spring, Aggies! With the rainy days and final exams fading and warm sunshine on the horizon, a day trip out of your Davis apartment may be just what the doctor ordered.

Don’t let your lack of a car limit the scope of your exploring. Zipcar rentals are now available at your friendly Tandem apartment community, Russell Park!

We delved into the Zipcar Frequently Asked Questions page and pulled out all you need to know to make the most of this new service.

Here are ourĀ tips for renting a Davis Zipcar:

Who Can Reserve a Zipcar in Davis?

Active Zipcar members can reserve and drive cars. Membership can be set up via the Zipcar website and starts at $7 per month.

How do Reservations Work?

Once you are a member, reserve your car online on the Zipcar website. Or, reserve on the go via the Zipcar app for Android or iPhone.

Zipcar rentals in Davis Russell Park apartments

What is the Rate to Reserve a Davis Zipcar?

In addition to the membership rate, cars are available for an hourly and daily fee. Updated pricing is availableĀ on the Zipcar website (or within the app). As of when we wrote this blog, the hourly rate started at $7.50 per hour and the daily fee was $69–not bad for an occasional road trip or errand.

Davis Zipcar rentals

Ready to Get Started?

If all of this sounds as good to you as it sounds to us, take the advice of the Zipcar team and “don’t just zipping sit there!” Download the app and get “zipping” today!

Keep us posted on your thoughts about this new service. As always, we’re here to help ensure you love where you live!