Tandem Housing Tips

Four Signs That On-Campus Living Might Not Be for You

With three Tandem properties offering apartments on the UC Davis campus (The Atriums, Russell Park, and The Colleges at La Rue) we’re big fans of the convenience and lifestyle an on-campus location can provide.

After years of encouraging residents to select the best fitting community, we’ve also learned that life in Aggie central is a size that does not fit everyone. So, to help you with your housing search, here are four signs that life on campus might NOT be the best fit for you:

Morning tired


  1. You had trouble sleeping in the dorms. On-campus properties tend to hum with activity. Populations are dense and active. If the distant drum of a subwoofer is more of an aggravation than inspiration, life a bit more removed from the campus scene might be your best fit.
  2. You need parking to accommodate an overnight guest. On-campus parking is highly regulated and overnight guest spots are usually few and far between. An off-campus property with a bit more parking to offer might be a better option for you.
  3. Your budget is tight. If the starving part of the college student experience resonates with you as much as it did with us, remember that a good rule of thumb is that the closer you are to campus, the higher the rents are. Davis is small, Unitrans bus service is regular, and bike paths are excellent. Don’t be afraid to branch out and save some cash.
  4. You didn’t get along well with your roommates. Sometimes roommate disagreements are about compatibility, but sometimes an introverted person can have trouble if they don’t have space and quiet to rejuvenate. If your idea of a perfect evening includes a room for just you, you might want to opt for a property away from campus where your dollars can get you a bit more elbow room or even a private apartment.

If off-campus living sounds like it might be a better match for you, remember that with 14 properties to pick from both on and off campus, Tandem’s got you covered! Contact us today and we’ll help you find your perfect fit!