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Davis Apartment Lingo: 5 Terms You Need to Know!

Davis Apartment Renting Terms to Know

The search is on! Whether you have just begun to hunt for your first Davis apartment or you’re a seasoned renter, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on industry lingo before you start to tour different communities.

While the exact terms of your lease agreement can vary, Team Tandem is happy to give you a crash course on the ‘need-to-know lingo.’ These top terms will get you prepared before you head into the leasing office. Let us keep your renting-game on point!


A lease is a legally binding document, to which you and the owner/landlord of the apartment complex agree. The lease states the terms and conditions you will both abide by, such as the lease start and end dates and the rental rate.

When you (and your housemates, if you have them) sign a lease, it is important to know that you likely do so without the option to cancel the document. Finalizing a lease is meant to protect you and the owner from possible misunderstandings in the future, so it is very important that you know what you’re agreeing to before you sign!


We all love Davis, but no one loves those grueling 105°F days in the summer. Sadly, before you can crank up that A/C flow, you often must make sure you have the appropriate utility accounts set up! Utilities are services provided to your apartment that may or may not be included in your apartment rent. Electricity and Gas are provided by (PG&E), and City Utilities (City of Davis) include water, sewage, and garbage.

Be sure to find out whether or not setting up and paying for utilities is your responsibility ahead of your move-in date. That way you won’t get stuck roasting in a September heat wave!


You don’t have to be a hipster to love a good loft. With tall ceilings and an un-partitioned second floor that overlooks common spaces, an apartment with a loft allows you to keep connected to what’s going on in your household down below, or even to take your creativity to new heights–we’re looking at you, art and music lovers!

This floor plan adds square footage by building up, not out, which affords you some much-appreciated legroom. Trying to figure out a place to squeeze in that pesky fourth roommate? Just stick them in the loft and call it a day!


In a “studio” floor plan, there is no wall of separation between the common living spaces and the bedroom. If you’re looking to live alone, or don’t mind getting cozy with your housemates, selecting a studio apartment may be just for you! Not to mention, these compact abodes usually don’t put a huge dent in your wallet. A studio can be a great option for a leaner budget!

Security Deposit:

Some apartment complexes may ask you to put down a security deposit at the time you sign your lease. This money is kept on file for the duration of a lease, and used in case residents return the apartment to the landlord in a condition worse than it was given to them, or if there was unusual damage done to the unit that exceeds normal wear-and-tear.

Don’t forget to read up on Tandem’s tips for getting more of your security deposit back, and plan ahead so you’re not left with a headache later on.

The Last Word…

From leases to lofts, you’ve got a good handle on the basics (and a cheat-sheet, just in case!). However, we at Tandem want you to keep one last word in mind wherever your housing journey takes you. When all’s said and done on the tour, remember to ask yourself, “Does this community feel like home?” And, though no one answer is right for everyone, we hope you find a Davis apartment that is right for you!