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Four Tips for a Fantastic UC Davis Picnic Day!

The cows are on the quad, Band-Uh is making their march, and cute little Doxies are revving up their paws. UC Davis Picnic Day Pre-Week is in full swing!

Here are our 4 quick tips for a fantastic UC Davis Picnic Day from your friends at Tandem:

  1. If you plan to have a party, know your responsibilities as a host. Notify your Tandem management office and see the Safe Party page for tips. 
  2. Plan ahead for transportation. Are you Ubering? Download the app and prepare for a wait. Unitrans buses run on a different schedule during Picnic Day. View it here. Additionally, all riders must pay the $1 fare. And, we hope we don’t have to say it, but don’t bike or drive while drinking. We want you to make it home safely.
  3. Stay smart. While we’d all like to think our heirloom locket from Aunt Clarie is safe around our friends, remember, Picnic Day brings in out-of-towners by the hundreds. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. Lock your apartment when you leave. Lock up your bike. Stay aware of your surroundings and your personal property. Being the victim of theft will ruin your day. Nobody wants that.
  4. Water is your friend on Picnic Day. Not respecting this rule will end your day fast! Bring water. Drink it. Make use of the hydration stations around campus. The UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services page notes:

“There are H2O stations spread out across various campus locations, including at the CoHo, ARC, Dining Commons, and Student Community Center. These hydration stations provide filtered water for everyone on campus at no charge. For those living on campus at UC Davis Student Housing locations, there are also H2O stations spread out within the Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto residence halls.”

View their page for a map of hydration stations and save the link in your phone.

Practice these tips and you’re on your way to a great UC Davis Picnic Day. Have a safe and wonderful weekend, Aggies! Please be responsible and know your liabilities before agreeing to host in your Davis apartment. Picnic Day is a great Aggie tradition. Let’s keep it that way!

Resources from UC Davis

See the info sheet from UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services with safety tips and resources.

Picnic Day 2019 Schedule of Events and Mobile App

View the full schedule of events and download the Picnic Day app for your smartphone on the UC Davis Picnic Day page.

Tandem Offers Security through Sacramento Elite 

Call Sacramento Elite Dispatch directly at (916) 706-1209 with any concerns about loud noise or suspicious activity when our offices are closed. Call 911 with any life-threatening emergencies.

(This post was updated April 10, 2019, to include 2019 Picnic Day information.)