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Places to Study and Relax Around Davis

Places to Study and Relax Davis

Places to study and relax become more important to our Davis community members as the cold weather hits and finals week arrives. We mentioned UC Davis campus has extended their libraries’ hours here, but on campus locations aren’t the only¬†options for late-night studying.

Late-Night Places to Study Around Davis

If you’re looking to study or relax in an off-campus location, there are many late-night options in different Davis neighborhoods. Late-night locations are great for accommodating our night owls with grueling finals schedules.

Teabo, Temple Coffee, MandRo Teahouse, and Crepeville¬†in Davis are all open late for studying or socializing. If you need a drive-thru option, our local Dutch Bro’s is open 24 hours.

Apartment Community Lounges

To mix up your study routine, try varying your study location and thinking outside the box. Perhaps your Davis apartment offers a 24-hour lounge with wifi access. If you are a resident of a Tandem community, be sure to check your amenities and lounge area (if offered) for some quiet time to focus, or a space to cozy up and enjoy a good book.

Host a Study Group in Your Davis Apartment

In the midst of the stress and busyness that comes with final exams and the holidays, staying social may actually be just the thing you need. Studying in a group can help to make the process more tolerable for everyone. Invite your friends over to your Davis apartment and utilize your time together to knock some things off your to-do list.

Setting up a study group at your place can be a great way to tackle those lengthy study guides–or, a chance to take a break and get through that holiday movie marathon list you’ve been making.

This Too Shall Pass

Wherever you choose to study or enjoy your downtime, remember finals week will pass quickly. Work to utilize all the spaces your Davis apartment community and neighborhood have to offer. You’ll be done before you know it!