Tandem in the Community

Tandem Supports Yes on Measure J

Elections are just days away in Davis! By now, we hope that you’ve registered to vote and are on your way to impacting the community by casting your ballot on June 5th. Be sure to take a moment to get to know your candidates and local measures.

One Important Measure on the Ballot Involves Student Housing

Would you like to see NEW affordable student housing next to campus AND downtown? 

Twenty-five years ago, one of the founders of Tandem started to work on an idea for a parcel of land he saw as the perfect location for UCD students to live. We are proud to say that after many years of his hard work, the Davis City Council has unanimously approved this project. But in Davis, a final approval also requires a YES vote on June 5th by a majority of Davis Voters.

Tandem Supports Measure J!

At a time when the housing shortage is so severe that many students can’t find a place to live, we are proud that Tandem is getting behind this chance for affordable student housing in our community next to campus and the downtown! Learn more at the website www.YesMeasureJ.com

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