Men's Swimwear Fashions for 2013

Recently we offered some, let’s call it insight, into what bikini trends women will be embracing at the shore and Tandem apartment poolsides this summer. Never fear, we’re more than happy to provide you with a peek or two into the latest men’s swimwear fashion trends for 2013. (‘Cause we know that’s the only reason you’re reading this.)

And because we need to keep up the pretense that today’s blog is informational, we offer the following men’s swimwear advice from Esquire:

If You’re Slim:

These classic lace-up board shorts are almost too good to wear only to the pool. Try popping a madras top over these and some leather loafers. You’ll look like Ryan Gosling of the pool club, and the long length and slim cut will flatter a smaller frame.

If You’re Athletic:

If you lived at the gym this spring, go with the next best thing to Connery’s trunks. The Orlebar Brown setter is the classic shorter swim suit and it comes in dozens of great colors. This is a perfect trunk to show off a little muscle, particularly if you’re not the tallest dog in the pack.

If You’re Less Athletic:

Don’t fall into the trap of buying trunks that are long and baggy just because you might think they’ll suit you better. A little tailoring and solid colors are the solution, and a bit of stretch can be more forgiving than a messy drawstring. Try a classic, in black or navy.

If You’re Daring (or, in South America):

Want to try the [James Bond actor Daniel] Craig look on for size? Those risqué La Perla stretch trunks he wore are still for sale, although the pale blue color — our favorite, for sure — is currently unavailable.

Not enough beefcake, er, information? Okay, in addition to all of the pretty pictures, the guys to the left have one last gift for you from XTG Swimwear. Enjoy!


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