UC Davis's Mascot Gunrock Goes "Gangnam Style"

The US Naval Academy ain’t got nothin’ on UC Davis. Many organizations have parodied the silly “Gangnam Style” video by Korean singer Psy. Notable among them are a Philippine prison, Saturday Night Live, the lifeguards of the city of El Monte, CA (who tragically got fired for their trouble), the University of Oregon, some hot moms (no, it’s not an oxymoron) and their babies swinging Diaper Genie bags, and some hotter dudes at the the Naval Academy (our first choice up until now).

But our all-time favorite has to be the sight of UC Davis mascot Gunrock rocking out Gangnam style across the campus with the Aggie Band-uh, UCD Fire Department, cheerleaders, cute co-eds, various athletic teams, Unitrans buses, and other lucky passers-by. Watch and laugh out loud.