10 Ways to be Happy in the Kitchen

Some Tandem residents look at food as fuel while others savor every element of the cooking experience. If you want to be happier in the kitchen, Dana Velden over at TheKitchn.com has 10 tips. Here are two:

8. Fill it up or empty it out. If your kitchen is always full of people, send them off to the movies one afternoon and enjoy the quiet time to yourself as you make a nice dinner for them upon their return. If you usually cook alone, invite a few people over to take on making a meal together. Either way, try to challenge and stretch your habits and assumptions and step out of your routines now and then, even if it feels uncomfortable. You may be pleasantly surprised what’s on the other side of your resistance.

9. Learn techniques, not recipes. I have nothing against recipes, but when it comes to being able to play in the kitchen, to experience the freedom to improvise and turn on a dime if needed, then basic techniques are more important. Understanding fundamentals will free you up to experiment and allow you to feed a group of people a delicious meal with nothing more than a sack of potatoes and a few pantry items. Take a class or ask a friend to show you the ropes. In the kitchen, as well as in life, never assume you’re finished with learning. Always be teachable.