Most of us know that our iPhones can do amazing things but the folks over Supercompressor have compiled a list of 33 things your iphone has replaced. A lot of the things you know, like cameras and libraries but there are a number of things that you can replace with just an app. Here are our favorites.

33 Things You Used To Own That Your iPhone Replaced1. Guitar tuner

As someone who has personally lost their guitar tuner over 100 times, apps like the stellar (and free!) Guitar Tuna are a godsend. Unfortunately, your stripped-down rendition of Redemption Song will still be horribly embarrassing to you, and your peers.

A bubble level (or spirit level) is one of those things that’s never around when you need it (unless you are a dad or a carpenter), but you really should own if you want to be considered a fully functional adult. Make everything in your crooked life straight again with apps like iHandy Level, and never worry about rummaging through your non-existent toolbox again.

33 Things You Used To Own That Your iPhone Replaced4. Stud finder

Surprisingly, a stud finder is not a GPS that tracks my every movement—it’s a tool used by handy people to locate metal studs behind walls, generally for hanging purposes. It sounds like something your drunk cousin would tell you, but the iPhone really has a built-in metal detector accessible with apps like Stud Find, that can competently fill in for a standard stud finder. Now keep in mind this app only detects metal studs, but I assure you IT DOES WORK. Download it (fo’ free) and put the top of your phone up to any magnetic metal. Wow your friends. Impress the ladies. Ride into the sunset.

33 Things You Used To Own That Your iPhone Replaced5. Scanner

With brilliant apps like the Genius PDF Scanner, you can use your phone’s HD camera to scan receipts and important docs, or candidly steal the identities of your friends and enemies. Copy anything you want and save it in convenient PDF form—easily sharable, printable, or transferable.

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