Tech Tuesday: Best Apps for Roommates

We’ve told you about lots of apps for roommates including Splitwise, Splidditt (which allow you to easily split costs among roommates). We’ve recently found Appcrawlr, a simple directory with the top 25 apps for roommates.  BuzzFeed has the top 16 apps for roommates and Supercompressor has boiled it down to the 8 MUST-HAVE APPS FOR LIVING WITH ROOMMATES. Here are some of the best of the best according to Supercompressor:


ChoresFairly divide chores and call out deadbeats for slacking
The app: Homeslice
Spare yourself the passive aggressive conversations about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom (looking at you, Tom), and instead divvy things up and keep track of who’s done what with full transparency. Running low on certain cleaning supplies or need to ask the group a question? You can do all of that, too.


Venmo - screenshotEasily settle what you owe each other
The app: Venmo
Once you know how much and who to pay, save yourself the hand cramps from cutting checks and instead instantly deposit what you owe into your roommate’s account from your smartphone. Some people think the whole arrangement is problematic, but that doesn’t change the fact that Venmo is ridiculously convenient and worth a free download.


Keep your cupboards stockedOurGroceries for iPhone
The app: OurGroceries
Whether you all pitch in for food or just the household supplies, this app allows anyone to tack on items to a communal shopping list so whoever hits the store knows exactly what’s running low.

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