3 New Year’s Resolutions We Can Help You Keep!

New Year's Resolutions We can help you keep image

New Year’s Resolutions are a common thread every January. Many Tandem community members have made New Year’s Resolutions to help make 2017 great. Whether your New Year’s Resolution was to spend more wisely, be more active, or get organized in your Davis apartment–our Tandem team has a few pieces of advice that might help you stay on track.

New Year’s Resolution 1: “I promise to spend more wisely!”

  • Make a budget! Making a monthly budget is helpful when managing month-to-month expenses. Tandem’s Budget and Finance worksheet is a great tool when working on living expenses.
  • Use technology to your advantage! Living in the twenty-first century you are lucky enough to have access to awesome technology. Using any and all of these Apps can help you save money!
  • Coupons, coupons, coupons! Before you click ‘purchase,’ check out whether or not there is a coupon available. Try this App which automatically finds coupons for you! It might surprise you how often you can find savings online.

New  Year’s Resolution 2: “I promise to be more active!”

  • Check out this App! Sworkit, a favorite of some of our employees, is an App available on both Apple and Android products that customizes workouts based on the amount of time you have and the muscle groups you want to focus on. Download it, and give it a go! We think you’ll find it both fun and easy to use.
  • Check out your community gym! Many of our Tandem communities offer great fitness centers that are open 24-hours. Grab your roommates and go check out your gym space. Many of the spaces offer free-weights, medicine balls, and resistance bands, all of which can add a variety of movements to your fitness routine.
  • Do a challenge! With so many options out there, committing to a ’30 day challenge’ is an easy way to jump-start your fitness routine. Use Pinterest to find the one best tailored to your goals, and print it out (perhaps at your community’s printing station). As you complete each day, cross it off. Challenges are a satisfying way to be held accountable and reach your goals!

New Year’s Resolution 3: “I promise to be more organized!”

  • Get a calendar. Using a calendar (Google calendar or a physical planner) is a great way to lay out your days, weeks, and months to ensure no deadlines are missed. It’s easy to pick up a planner online (hello Amazon), at the bookstore, or even a local shop downtown.
  • Clean up your Davis apartment daily. By tackling just a few cleaning projects every day, you won’t become overwhelmed by a long to-do list. Here are some tips that might help.  
  • Declutter your life. This NY Times bestseller book helps identify how to simplify your life. Pick it up if you feel inspired to create the breathing room you need to destress in 2017.

We hope these guidelines help you stay on track with your New Year’s Resolutions! It is not too late to make a resolution of your own or to choose one of the ones listed above.

Team Tandem wishes you the very best in 2017. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for you!