Hacks: Make Decluttering Easier With the “Pick Up Five” Method

1466973604036319047Cleanliness is one of the biggest roommate drama battles. You love your Davis roommate but you hate their mess. You can avoid these roommate fights if you institute An Easy Daily Decluttering Technique like writer Laurie Wittmann suggests over at Organizing Junkie:

After some thought, I came up with the “Pick Up 5” way of organizing daily. I walk into a particular room, look around, and choose five things to immediately pick up and put away. If I pick those things up and put them away, then I can do something more fun for a little bit. Then, I will come back a little later and repeat the process.

I have found that looking at a major organizing project as a whole makes it look unmanageable. Sometimes, I feel like a failure before I even begin. But, if I take it a little bit at a time, it doesn’t leave me nearly as stressed.

Usually, what happens is picking up those first five things motivates me to get it all done. Getting those things put away quickly jump starts my motivation and pushes me past the feeling of dread.

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