Fall 2014 Waiting List at The Atriums and Russell Park

We are happy to announce that we do anticipate some availability at both The Atriums and at Russell Park for fall 2014! Both The Atriums and Russell Park are now accepting additions to the wait list for fall 2014 for residents meeting the qualifying criteria to live at those communities–typically graduate students at The Atriums, and students with families at Russell Park.

Graduate students are also given second priority at Russell Park and undergraduates are eligible only when the graduate and family lists are exhausted. Please contact the community of your choice for full details about this process.

The Atriums Waiting List

To add to The Atriums wait list for September, please click here.

Russell Park Waiting List
The add to the Russell Park wait list for July or September, please click here.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect Tandem property for fall 2014!