Saturday Davis Apartment Tour Hours and Availability (Updated)

Tandem's Most Popular Apts. are Going, Going...Gone! Tour TODAY!The Davis apartment hunting season is going full throttle. Last Saturday we had lots of people touring our Davis apartments and we expect even more this weekend. To deal with the high demand, Tandem has expanded Davis apartment tours on Saturday. Here are the Saturday Davis apartment tour hours:


Adobe: Saturdays by appointment only. See if you can get some of the last few Roommate Program spaces. (Very popular.)

Arlington Farm: 11am-4pm.  There are a few 2 bedrooms left. One only one 1 bedroom.

Casitas: 11am-4pm. Only one 3×1.5 Townhouse left (short term only 9/1/2015-12/31/2015). 

Chautauqua: 11am-4pm. Only 1 upgraded studio with loft left for Fall 2015. Short term rentals (9/1/2015-12/31/2015) include one each: Studio, 1 bedroom, 3×2 Townhouse.

Sundance Apartments: 11am-4pm. Leasing 1 beds soon.

Willows: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Check out our last remaining 2x1s and 2x2s. There is one 1 bedroom and one 3 bedroom left.

Westgate Village (in Woodland): 12 noon to 4pm. We have an open waitlist for all apartment sizes.