There are 6 times fewer vacancies over last year, according the UC Davis Student Housing Office.

Sign saying "Now leasing for fall '16. Take a tour today."This year has seen an over sixfold decrease in the number of Davis apartment vacancies available according to this year’s Davis housing survey by the UC Davis Student Housing Office.

“According to the survey, 24 apartments, or 0.3 percent, of 8,274 leased by unit were vacant, compared with 160 apartments, or 1.9 percent, of the 8,206 units in last year’s survey.

Among those 898 units rented by the bed, 35, or 1.3 percent, of the 2,800 beds were vacant. Last year, 81, or 3.5 percent, of 2,302 beds in 818 units were vacant.”

This very low Davis apartment vacancy supply smashes against the high demand for Davis apartments unleashed by Chancellor Katehi’s 2020 Vision for UC Davis. UC Davis is well on their way of adding another 5,000 students to the Davis apartment market. As you can see from the numbers above (and others) there isn’t nearly enough supply.

These intersecting supply and demand curves put your Davis apartment search right in the crosshairs.  The upshot of all this is that you need to start looking for next year’s apartment’s right now.

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