What to Look for in Your Davis Apartment

You’ve finally narrowed down the search for your new Tandem apartment in Davis to a handful of choices. Decisions, decisions! Everyone has different criteria for helping nail down the best home for them, but here are some general guidelines to help you pick a winner.


  • How much is monthly rent? How much is the security deposit? When will you get your deposit back?
  • If you have roommates, do you each sign the lease? Are you each responsible for your own share of the rent, or will you be expected to cover costs if one of the roommates doesn’t pay? Are there extra fees for additional roommates?
  • What day is the first rent payment due? On what day is rent due after that?
  • Is there a deposit for keys or pets?
  • Which utilities are you responsible for?
  • How much do utilities cost?

Buildings and Grounds

  • Are the hallways, entryways and grounds clean and well lit?
  • Are the laundry facilities and parking lot in good condition?
  • What kinds of trash removal facilities are provided for the building?
  • Are snow removal and/or lawn care provided?


  • How close are you to school and/or work?
  • Is there a grocery store nearby?
  • Are there public transportation stops or stations close by?
  • Is the neighborhood safe?

For more tips on what to consider when looking for your perfect Tandem apartment in Davis, please visit fastweb.com.