Bedroom Upgrades for Your Davis Apartment

You may not be able to afford (or even want!) a whole new bedroom suite in your Tandem apartment in Davis, but who among us couldn’t use a little freshening up in our dozing zone? Perk up your siesta salon with one or more of these invigorating tips.

031811-opener.jpg When you think about upgrading your bedroom it’s easy to go straight to needing a new mattress or large pieces of furniture. Instead, check out these 5 simple upgrades that can be done in an evening on a small budget. They will tide you over until money allows for larger purchases to be made.

1. Install a Dimmer Switch: It’s a simple thing but can create mood lighting without having to rely on only bedside lamps. It’s a super easy process, check out how to accomplish it (even if you’ve never done electrical work before) from this recent post Install a Dimmer Switch in 7 Easy Steps.

2. Line Your Drawers: You might be able to put some old wrapping paper to use or possibly pick up new cedar inserts, but either way results in happy drawers for happy mornings. Although the chances of anyone else seeing this improvement are slim, sometimes you have to do things just for you.

For more suggestions on how to rev up the romance in your reclining room in your Tandem apartment in Davis, please go to