Davis Apartment in a Box

This isn’t realistic for most Tandem apartment dwellers in Davis, but it’s so cool, we just had to share it. It is an apartment in a box, for those people who really hate moving.


It might not look like it, but inside this box, there’s an armoire, a desk, a height-adjustable stool, two more stools, a six-shelf bookcase, and a bed with a mattress. Casulo, the brilliant, modular setup designed by Marcel Krings & Sebastian Mühlhäuser, hides furnishings enough for an entire room — or, heck, an entire apartment — in a small 31″x47″ (that’s 80 cm x 120 cm) box. Two people can lift, carry, and assemble (and then disassemble, when it’s time to move) each piece of furniture within the Casulo in about 10 minutes — it requires no tools for assembly — and every part of the boxy exterior is used, negating any need for extraneous, wasteful packaging. Smart.

For photos showing how this box unpacks into a Tandem apartment in Davis, please visit this link at Treehugger.com.