Give your Davis apartment a standing ovation.

Don’t look now but your Davis apartment is filled with deadly killers:chairs. That’s right, science has proven that chairs are killing you. But you have work to do (or zombies to kill) and that requires sitting! Oh no it doesn’t, standing desks are not only good for you but they are also becoming increasingly popular. In many cases you don’t even need a space-consuming desk, just a shelf will work.

The benefits can be amazing, as Corbett Barr, writes in My Standing Desk Experiment:

So far, my standing desk experiment has had several positive outcomes, with just a few slight negatives. Here are my results:

  • This is the most exciting and useful benefit so far: I have more energy during the work day. I haven’t experienced the same mid-afternoon lulls that I used to while sitting. I’m also more energized during phone calls, Skype sessions and while recording video and audio. This is a huge benefit and adds to the energy gains I found after quitting my coffee habit last year.
  • I have lost three pounds over the past three weeks, despite exercising less than usual (due to a cold) and making no changes to my diet. I’m not sure if this is directly related to standing, but keep in mind that an average person will burn 60 more calories an hour when standing versus sitting. That’s 2,400 extra calories a week if you add 8 hours of standing, 5 days a week. A pound of body fat equals about 3,500 calories, so the weight loss actually makes sense.
  • I’m more likely to be working while in front of my laptop as opposed to the occasional stretches of sitting like a zombie I used to fall prey to. It’s harder to nod off or lose focus when standing.
  • On the slightly negative side, I definitely feel fatigued in the legs and back after a long day of standing. On the other hand, it feels great when I do sit down, I don’t have that numb in the rear end and legs feeling anymore, and I can stand without fatigue much longer when at concerts and other standing events.

In all, I’m really happy to have made the change and recommend that people try standing at least a little bit throughout the day. The increased energy and focusis worth the effort, even if the long-term health benefits don’t turn out to be so major.

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