Household Hacks: 7 Great Ways to Display Art: No Nails Required!

DISPLAY ARTYou love your Davis apartment! You want to decorate it to express the real you but your landlord probably won’t be happy if you hammer a ton of nail holes into your walls. Previously we’ve written about how to hang pictures In your Davis apartment without destroying your walls. Fortunately The Huffington Post has another 7 Great Ways to Display Art: No Nails Required! Here are a few of our favorites:


washi tape
If you haven’t heard of washi tape, know that it sparked a revolution of its own. While the decorative tape is better suited for lightweight artwork (think: posters), it’s the perfect way to add a colorful pop to your walls.

2015-04-22-1429713741-4190986-746b4853a0dd9bfdd2d51037fa6f7427.jpeg command hooks
It’s okay to be a little skeptical of Command hooks, but don’t let skepticism scare you from using these super handy adhesives. With varying styles to choose from, Command hooks have the power to hold heavy artwork. You won’t have to worry about your art falling frame the walls, and that’s a promise.

2015-04-22-1429713818-3145053-9cf63bf5f7121205c16c621a6bbc0b05.jpegmounting putty
Mounting putty is best for posters, but the adhesive you used to hang photographs as teenager has come along way. Throw it back to the old days by hanging lightweight frames and canvas artwork with mounting putty.

Read the whole article at the Huffington Post: 7 Great Ways to Display Art: No Nails Required!