Liven up Your Apartment Walls with Oversize Artwork

Davis landlords are notoriously crabby when they get their walls back and they’re full of ugly, pocked nail holes, even the laid-back folks at Tandem Properties. One way to get a “wow” impression out of wall art is to put up one big piece, instead of lots of smaller ones. It can be a multi-million dollar Jackson Pollack or it can be a huge sheet of butcher paper that your nieces and nephews went to town on (and to be honest, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference, even for this art history major).

In addition, this will help save your security deposit or the time it would take to putty all those little black holes.

The creative folks at have some more good ideas below.


Here at Apartment Therapy we’re big fans of the gallery wall, and have sung its praises at length over the years. But for renters, all that measuring, arranging and hammering might not be the most practical solution. 

A better one could be the impact of a single, oversized piece of artwork — nothing brings a white wall to life faster or more completely. Take inspiration from these rooms, all of which use the “white walls + big art” formula with aplomb.