MOVING OUT: De-clutter before you move

De-Cluttering 101: Quick Tips To Refresh Your Living SpaceAs a veteran of many Davis moves, there is nothing more disheartening than to realize you’ve paid to move (or at least lugged yourself) some unopened boxes or unused items from three moves ago.  The trick is to De-clutter before you move, not after. Hack College offers De-Cluttering 101: Quick Tips To Refresh Your Living Space. Great tips include:

Three-Box Method:

This is a simple trick, any hesitation you feel may be due to a hoarding instinct within you—take three small/medium boxes, and categorize. Pick things up and place them in your boxes. Sort by what you could sell, what you could pack away and store for a few months, and what absolutely needs to disappear from your life.

Once you’ve sorted through everything, take some time to perform the appropriate action per box. Sell what you can in a single craigslist post, the Facebook marketplace, or post each thing individually (if you have the time/patience to deal with those inquiring on specific items, and when/where to pick up.) Throw out the stuff you had set aside for, well, throwing out. The last box full of things to be stored could be tucked away in a closet, cupboard, under the bed, but realistically, wherever it can fit. Out of sight, out of mind.

For more tips, read the article here.