Small Space Bathroom Storage Solutions for Your Davis Apartment

No matter what else you love about your Davis apartment, you’re probably bemoaning its lack of space. Fortunately, we’ve found ways for minimal square footage to deliver maximum bathroom storage.


Sometimes it takes stepping out of your own bathroom and into someone else’s to see the perfect storage solution. Here are some ideas that might be just the space maker you need.

1. Add A Shelf Above the Sink: Instead of just keeping supplies on the counter, add a shelf between the medicine cabinet and the sink. It can hold essentials and clear up your counters and the clutter that goes with it.

2. Over The Door Shelf: It might seem scary at first, but think about how many things could be stored up there in bins and baskets!

3. Towel Ladder: For those who have plaster walls or are unable to put holes in their walls per the lease contract, try a leaning ladder instead. It can be rustic or industrial modern, however you choose to spin it. A slight lean and your towels will be dry in no time.

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