UC Davis Welcome Week 2013 Rally!

The UC Davis campus is practically vibrating with excitement! Along with the dust that the wind has kicked up in the air, the atmosphere of the whole campus is humming with anticipation. The students are settling in and classes begin Monday.
The can’t-miss-it linchpin activity that will kick off the whole year is the ginormous….
Welcome Rally on Monday, September 23rd in Aggie Stadium at 9:15 p.m.
This mondo extravaganza is the new students’ official introduction to the fan-based, student-run spirit organization, the UC Davis¬†Aggie Pack. You’ll learn new traditions, meet student athletes, get tons of free stuff, and win prizes!
It is also when Tandem Properties will debut and pass out the brand spanking new 2013-2014 Aggie Pack shirt (see above)!
Tandem has been a proud supporter of the Aggie Pack since 1995. One of our company’s founders is a UC Davis alum, and Tandem’s roots run deep within the community. We pride ourselves on taking care of our residents, and want to give you an early shot at the highly coveted new Aggie Pack t-shirt.
Current residents and Facebook fans can beat the crowd and enter to win this year’s newly released Aggie Pack shirt and limited edition hat. Just click on our Facebook page and enter to win. It’s that easy!
The campaign will run through¬†September 28th, the last day of UCD’s Welcome Week. Sign up now and be the first to win!
See you at the welcome Rally on Monday night!