Above and Beyond Frosty the Snowman

One of the hazards of growing up in Davis is that an ski annual trip to Tahoe wasn’t sufficient training to make a really impressive snowcreature. If you’ve taken a break from your Tandem apartment to hit the slopes, and want to take a crack at creating snow art, here is some inspiration from HuffPo.

A snow-witch doctor stewing some shriveled heads.

A snow monster and its victims.

snowman calvin hobbes
A lot of snow monsters and their victim.

snowman calvin hobbes
A very hungry snowman.

A snow AT-AT.

A snowman shark attack.

A snow Dalek.

A two-headed mutant snowman.

two headed snowman
A snowman in the throes of death.

snowman calvin hobbes

A shocking snowman hit-and-run.

snowman car accident
Snow that wants you to rock on.

A snowman with a lot to say.

For more clever snow art, please click on the link above.