Clever Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home

We love clever Halloween costumes. We went to a party once where a guy was wearing a shark’s head with music cassette tape strewn through the teeth. Can you guess what he was? Keep reading.

HuffPo recently featured some particularly clever costumes. A lot of them would be easy to make at home, even for non-crafty types. Here are some of their ideas.

’50 Shades Of Grey’
The best part? Paint samples are free!
The Brawny Guy
Attention men with red flannel shirts: you’re just one paper towel purchase away from a great costume.
Bag Of ‘Eminems’
When in doubt, go with a pun.
Nudist On Strike
Last minute? Definitely, but it works.
Freudian Slip
Who said pun costumes can’t be sexy, too?
YouTube Channel
Even better? It’s a PSYCHIC YouTube channel.
Ginger Bread Man
Gingers may or may not have souls, but they do have clever costumes.
Guy In A Hurricane
You, sir, are winning at this.
Dunkin’ Donuts
Someone get these girls a sponsorship deal.

For more great ideas, please click on the link above.

The mystery party guest was an audio engineer who had dressed as a “sound bite.”