Household Hacks: How to Make Your Picnic Day Overnight Guests Feel at Home.

On Picnic Day 2015 weekend the population of Davis doubles. With so many people coming into town, you might end up with an overnight guest (or four) crashing at your Davis apartment. Here are a few tips from around the web on how to make your Picnic Day overnight guests feel at home.

From Real Simple, here are a few tips:


Meanwhile Apartment Therapy suggests:

  • Have sleeping arrangements ready before guests arrive. When guests see you shuffling bedding around, it probably makes them feel a bit inconvenient. Make sure guest beds have fresh sheets and that any additional bedding (portable cribs for babies, air mattresses, or sleeping mats) is set up before guests arrive. For tips on hosting guests in a small space, don’t missSmall Space Hosting: Tips for Welcoming Guests When You Don’t Have a Guest Room.
  • Provide some extras. Little touches elevate the mood from “we’re ready for you” to “we’re so happy you’re here.” Put some flowers in a vase, and set out a water carafe. Provide books or magazines for reading material, and turn on a little lamp for when guests enter their room. I also love to turn on a battery operated candle in the bathroom. Consider the weather and provide extra blankets and slippers if necessary.
  • Plan ahead with food. Of course, you’ll need to shop and plan for the extra people you’ll be hosting. Make sure to ask ahead of time about any food allergies or aversions so you can be prepared in a way that’s tailored to your guests. Also see how many coffee drinkers will be staying with you. As a coffee lover myself, I love knowing ahead of time that my hosts will have hot coffee in the mornings (and maybe afternoons!). Make-ahead casseroles are great because you can just pop them in the oven in the morning and they are almost a complete meal. This overnight blueberry French toast is easy to make and definitely memorable. Also check out 10 Delicious Breakfast Casseroles and this Make-Ahead Brunch Recipe. Leaving a basket of fruit and cereal bars out also gives guests easy access to snacks without them feeling invasive.

And finally Martha Stewart has 18 tips (of course she has the most) including:

Chilled Bottle Service

Chilled Bottle Service
Give your overnight guests the five-star treatment by setting chilled spring water on their nightstand. Choose a vessel, such as a vase or a large julep cup, that is deep enough to accommodate a small bottle and ice. Place a saucer underneath to collect the condensation and protect the surface of the table.