Last Minute Halloween Costumes

We know, you’ve been up to your neck in mid-terms. But let’s get down to an important question – what are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

Hallowhat? Oops, did you forget that Halloween is on Wednesday? Never mind, we’ve gotcha covered. Here are some great local places to find a cheap costume.

R&R or the SPCA Thrift store on 3rd are good places to start. Halloween City on F Street, Party & Vac on 8th, and Target on 2nd are your best best for affordable new outfits.

If you really want to dress to impress and are willing to spend to do it, the UC Davis theater department is renting costumes for Halloween through its Enchanted Cellar (sorry guys, Capt. America has already been snapped up this year).

If all else fails, you can grab one of Mom’s sheets, cut holes in it so you can see, and go out as a ghost. Even she won’t recognize you under there.