Quiz – Where Should You Go on Vacation?

Whip out your pencils, industrious UC Davis students. Summer is almost here and you’ve been studying in the library, lab, and apartment too hard to make the time to organize your summer vacation. Fortunately, we’ve got two quizzes to help you narrow down where you’re going to be blowing off steam this summer. Here are some sample questions to get your creative juices flowing.

The first is from quibblo.com:

How do you unwind after a long day?
  • Happy hour
  • Stroll through a park
  • Catching a special on History Channel
The last time you had a great vacation, where did you go? (or, pick the place that’s closest)
  • Spa Resort
  • A Cruise
  • Grand Canyon
When you were a kid, what was your favorite place to go on field trips?
  • The park/ Outdoors
  • The museum
  • Ditching and going to the mall
You’re home after a bad day. What do you do to cheer up?
  • Take a bath
  • Call up your friends and go out
  • Read
Which of the following is your favorite show?
  • “Lost”
  • “American Idol”
  • “The West Wing”

There’s another vacation destination quiz at answerbuddy.com.

How did you describe your last good vacation to your friends?

  • Great! The whole family had something fun to do.
  • Awesome, the conditions were perfect.
  • Amazing, I took a million photos, I want to go back.
  • AWESOME. Well, what I could remember.
  • So nice, I did nothing and it felt great.

How long will your vacation be?

  • A week.
  • A couple of days.
  • A few weeks.
  • A long weekend.

What part of your vacation are you looking forward to most?

  • Getting away and not worrying about anything.
  • Getting outside and being active.
  • Exploring a new city and culture.
  • Getting druuuuunk.
  • Catching up with friends I barely see anymore.

Which of these looks most like items on your credit card bill from when you’re on vacation?

  • sunscreen, adventure package A, snorkels.
  • lift ticket, hot cocoa, gloves.
  • metro pass, map, museum ticket.
  • liquor, beer, wine, sunblock.
  • It looks pretty similar to my regular bill.

If you could live in a foreign location for a year, you would choose which of the following?

  • Japan.
  • Switzerland.
  • France.
  • Amsterdam.
  • I like my country, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

For the rest of the questions, and to get your quiz results, visit the sites at the links above.

Apparently, we’re going sightseeing.

Next up, tools to help you plan your Great Escape.