Seven Trips to Take Before Reality Hits

We’re big believers in trotting the globe before you’re beset by responsibilities like jobs and children. There are so many things that are easier now than they ever will be again in your life, and one of them is wandering around the globe at a snail’s pace. HuffPo recommends seven trips to take before you graduate from college. Here are the first four:

1. Go backpacking
Very few employers are interested in lending you three weeks to wander aimlessly, explore the greater universe, and “find yourself.” Do it now.

2. Travel with your family
It’s already hard enough to get everyone together, but when you have a job it’s going to be even tougher to coordinate. Make the sacrifice today, say goodbye to “Family Guy” for a weekend, and spend time with the people who shaped you into the human that you are.

3. Stay in hostels
Those rickety bunk beds lose their appeal once you’ve got the income to feasibly pay for a three-star hotel. Embrace hostels now, because they happen to come with a group of hilarious, wild, fun fellow twentysomething wanderers who could very well wind up being your best friends.

4. Visit friends in their hometowns
You may think you know your friends from college, but nothing helps you understand a person like touring her town, exploring her childhood bedroom, and eating dinner at her family’s table. You’ll leave with a whole new comprehension of why she holds the beliefs she does (and why she hates Brussels sprouts so much).

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