Three Alternative Ways to Spend Spring Break

Spring break is coming up and lucky you, you live halfway between the beach and the snow. Of course the closest beach is freezing and infested with sharks, and in the other direction the snow is melting. Okay, so you’ll hit the friendly skies and head to Hawaii, Mexico, Texas, or Florida. Oops, left your trust fund at home? No worries, the folks at have three fun spring break alternatives.

    • Camping. Rather than going to salt water, why not try fresh water? The forests in spring are blooming with all kinds of flowers to enjoy, and a cabin near a lake will provide a tranquil setting to drink it all in. But rather than just hanging out on the porch, you can go hiking, horseback riding, or even swimming (if you go somewhere warm), and have fun at night with bonfires and smore’s! You can go with your family, or even get a bunch of friends to pitch tents. The fresh air and relaxing surroundings will allow your psyche to recharge after midterms, and lord knows we all need that.
    • Volunteering. Usually volunteering brings back bad memories of children’s carnivals and cotton candy stuck in my hair, but that’s a different story! You can either volunteer in your town, or try Alternative Spring Break if you want to go somewhere! Camps, music festivals, or even Habitat for Humanity are great places to volunteer. Helping others always makes you feel amazing, and will also make for a great reference on a resume. It’s a free opportunity to experience something great, and who knows? It could develop into a real job in the future. Your hard work and dedication will take you far, and will be appreciated by future employers.
    • Cultural Staycation. There are so many amazing things to see that are near you, or just a short trip away. Enrich your mind with museums or art exhibitions. You can experience the city at its finest, and there are almost always student discounts to be had at any large tourist attraction. Why not be a tourist in a city you’ve never been to? If you are on a budget, be a tourist in your own city! I’m sure there are things you’ve never done because you’ve never thought of yourself as a tourist. Go a town over, and see what they have to offer. You never know – you might find an amazing hole-in-the-wall thrift store or a sweet little restaurant that makes the best apple pie you’ve ever eaten.

Or do all three. Heck, you have a whole week. Go crazy!


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