Tour les Coops on the Tour de Cluck This Weekend!

The ever-popular and unique Tour de Cluck returns to Davis this weekend. The tour takes place Saturday, May 25th 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Ever wondered what exactly was bock-bock-bocking behind your neighbor’s fence? Keeping chickens is an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle, and a surprising number of your neighbors engage in it. Some Davis-ites keep their hens in unpretentious little pens, while others invest in the fancy or whimsical or creative coop.

The Tour de Cluck is your ticket to the backstage life of Davis poultry. Join your friends or family on a relaxing bike ride through Davis and gain entry behind the gates of some of the funnest clucky coops in Davis.

Back by popular demand, the May 25, 2013 Tour de Cluck: A Bicycle Chicken Coop Crawl. This unique event offers the chicken lovers and chicken-curious among us the opportunity to visit a variety of Davis’ chicken coops by bicycle. Your participation benefits Yolo Farm to Fork’s farm to school programs for gardening, recycling, farm visits, and nutritional education for Davis schools.

The coops featured will be presented as a self-guided tour of a plethora of poultry palaces throughout Davis, CA neighborhoods. Your journey starts out by deciding which of several coop loops you wish to choose. You may visit the coops in any order and at your leisure.  A map with all the details serves as your ticket and guides visitors safely from coop to coop via Davis’ extensive network of bike paths and bike lanes.

Tickets are on sale at and the amazing Davis Farmer’s Market.

Students & Seniors – $10
General – $15
Kids Under 12 – FREE