UC Davis Students Welcome at Davis Neighbors' Night Out – Sunday, October 7, 2012

This Sunday is a great opportunity for UC Davis students to meet their neighbors and get out and enjoy some cooler fall weather at the 2012 Davis Neighbors’ Night Out. The Colleges and a few other Tandem properties are participating. Call your property’s office to find out what events are planned. It will be fun. According to the City of Davis’s web site:

Davis Neighbors Night Out

The City of Davis, UC Davis and Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD) are planning the 7th Davis Neighbor’s Night Out

Davis Neighbors’ Night Out is a celebration of our community. The event is an informal opportunity for neighborhoods to increase familiarity and communication among neighbors by way of a block party. This year’s event is scheduled for Sunday, October 7th to enable neighborhoods to include new or returning UC Davis students in the festivities. We believe that starting the academic year on a positive note will reduce the potential for misunderstandings or conflicts by opening lines of communication among all residents.

The first Davis Neighbors’ Night Out event in 2006 had 60 neighborhood block parties participating. We have since doubled that count with 123 block parties in 2011.

We are asking neighbors, neighborhood associations, Neighborhood Watch Liaisons, apartment complexes, and/or homeowner associations to be a “Party Sponsor”. The Party Sponsor will take the lead in setting up an activity such as a potluck dinner, BBQ, dessert party or ice cream social to give neighbors an opportunity to introduce themselves and exchange phone numbers for neighborhood watch lists or future neighborhood events.

Not sure if there’s a party in your ‘hood? Here is a map, showing every party that is scheduled to take place this year, including some on campus. There is also a list with more detailed information, including party organizer contacts, start times, and party types (potluck, ice cream social, etc.).

Don’t live near a block party? Come on down anyway. According to The California Aggie:

“The police department is putting together the party packs that we give them such as balloons, necklaces, nametags and other things based on what the hosts ask for,” Winton said. “Unitrans sends buses to show how they work and Band-uh and cheerleading groups from UC Davis also come through the neighborhoods.”

With many students living in residential homes in Davis, DNNO provides an opportunity for students and community members to get to know one another so that any potential conflicts that might arise in the future may be resolved peacefully.

“I think it’s important [for students to come out to DNNO] because sometimes students don’t realize that their neighbors are resources who can help them find jobs or internships,” Ross said. “It’s a great way for students to network and to be a member of the community.”

In addition, DNNO is good opportunity for students who live in Davis to meet neighbors who know that they are hardworking and want them to succeed during their time at UC Davis.

Although the number of students at some block parties is small, Barbara Zadra, North Miller Drive liaison, said students are welcome to attend and neighbors would love to get to know them.