Check out Check It Photography

As a company founded by former students, Tandem believes strongly in supporting, showcasing, and collaborating with student talent. This week’s Tandem Fandom giveaway featured photography by current UC Davis student and up and coming photographer, Thomas Moore of Check It Photography.

Hello my name is Thomas Moore from Davis, CA. I grew up in the high desert of Southern California. I attend Silver Valley High School, after graduation I started school at UC Davis where I majored in Environmental Science and Management with a specialization in Biodiversity and Ecology. I also minored in Education and an unofficial minor in Design. 

Over the past year I have become more involved with photography, in courses at UC Davis, in professional settings, and in my own personal projects. One course that I took this past Spring focused on the history and fundamental aspects of photography. Our final project, which involved taking a picture that combined aspects of both art and science, were on display in the Buehler Alumni and Visitors Center on campus. My photo was one of the six selected to be hung in the Chancellor’s home here in Davis. This summer I took a course under the tutelage of Barbara Molloy, where I gained experience shooting in a number of different disciplines, including portraits, landscapes, interiors, and still life. My first project for the course was selected by the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts as a finalist in their Golden Ticket Competition. I have since been hired by the UC Davis Athletics Department as their photography intern, where I have been able to put all of these skills to good use when taking pictures at various campus events.

Thomas is a great talent, and we strongly encourage you to discover more examples of his work on his web site.

Are you a Tandem resident or UC Davis student with a talent you’d like to share? Are you interested in collaborating on an upcoming design, video, or photography project? We’d love to hear from you.