Cranbook (and other) gardeners: Kitchen waste use in the garden

Cranbrook apartments has a fun community garden. If you’re at Cranbrook or are doing a little gardening at another Tandem Property, your kitchen waste can be used to help feed the garden. Apartment Therapy has 7 kitchen waste items that are great for the garden. Here are three:



Used Coffee Grounds: also a good item to add to the compost. Coffee grounds make a good mulch and look beautiful scattered around the surface of the soil.

 They are rich in nitrogen which is especially good for veggies, including tomatoes and peppers.

Nut Shells: Most nut shells including peanuts, pistachios, and even sunflower seeds (yeah, I know not nuts) to aerate soil, just make sure to wash off any salt or seasoning before adding to the garden.


Hollowed Citrus Shell: use hollowed or squeezed halved citrus fruits upside-down in the garden to attract snails and slugs away from your plants. Not sure why it works but they are attracted to the citrus, it’s up to you what to do with them next.

To find out what the others are, click here.