The Tandem Foundation Donates $30,000 to Local Schools

We are so proud to be part of this awesome organization!

The Tandem Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Tandem Properties, has announced their annual grants list to Davis schools, and it’s a doozy! According to The Davis Enterprise:

Tandem Foundation grants $30,000 to Davis schools

The Tandem Foundation recently presented 33 grants totaling $30,000 to Davis schools, continuing its 14-year tradition of funding classroom and schoolwide projects.

This year, all 16 schools that applied received grants. Out of the total of 70 requests, Tandem was able to fully fund 13 grants and partially fund 20.

Awards were made to:

Davis High School: $1,000 for 30 new DVDs to start the school’s new closed-caption library, $1,231 for 10 audio recorders for the journalism program, $1,650 for licensing rights and rental fee for an “Into the Woods” school matinée, $749 for a tennis table for special education students, $100 for various items to help students learn geometry and $200 for a wireless speaker for a reading remediation project.

King High School: $1,000 for 15 student kits for hands-on robotics and algebra instruction.

Da Vinci Charter Academy: $2,253 for an ActivityBot robot kit and $1,000 for eight microscopes for a drosophila genetics investigation.

Davis School for Independent Study: $483 for various popular American fiction books and $432 for eight graphing calculators.

Emerson Junior High School: $1,500 for two library laptop computers with presentation carts and $1,500 for 60 new plastic music stands.

Harper Junior High School: $1,000 for students to design and build three bicycle-powered water pumps for the school garden, $1,000 for 32 student response units, $500 for an eighth-grade field trip to the Exploratorium and $300 for athletic equipment for programs before school and at lunch.

Holmes Junior High School: $1,500 to improve and expand a community garden, $328 for athletic equipment for programs before school and at lunch, $1,000 for track uniforms and $321 for Islam materials for the library.

Birch Lane Elementary School: $1,050 for an art teacher stipend and art supplies.

Chávez Elementary School: $500 for fifth-grade social studies books and $550 for sixth-grade social studies books.

Korematsu Elementary School: $1,050 for a playground coordinator.

Montgomery Elementary School: $1,050 for eight Lego WeDo construction kits and software.

Patwin Elementary School: $490 for five math books and seven match games for two sixth-grade classrooms and $563 for Studies Weekly Magazine to benefit fourth- through sixth-graders.

Pioneer Elementary School: $550 for voice amplification system for classrooms and $550 for art lessons and a school art show for fourth- through sixth-graders.

Willett Elementary School: $1,050 to support the school chorus.

Fairfield Elementary School: $1,000 for supplies to build an outdoor classroom.