Hacks: 5-Minute Cleaning Routine You & Your Davis Roommates Need To Know

5-Minute Cleaning Routine As you and your roommates move into your Davis apartment, keeping it clean can be  an ongoing source of roommate drama. For many. cleanliness is next to happiness. If you and your roommates stick to My First Apartment’s 5-Minute Cleaning Routine You Need To Know, you will avoid loads of roommate drama and have a nice place to live. Here are the five minutes in full:

Minute 1: Gather and sort mail.

  • Sort mine & my roommate’s
  • Recycle junk mail
  • Put important mail in our bin (Note: we have a small bin that holds mail before we get the chance to go through it. It’s pretty cute, and is a nice thing to have when you want to tidy up quickly. It’s from Goodwill, too.)

Minute 2: Put away work stuff.

  • Laptop bag/purse
  • Change clothes (and hang up or laundry-bin the ones you were wearing!)

Minute 3: Pick up clutter.

  • Neaten the sofa/blankets
  • Pick up any dirty clothes and put them in the hamper
  • Put away items in the bathroom that you were too lazy to put back this morning (for example,  put the toothpaste back in the medicine cabinet instead of on the counter)

Minutes 4-5: Quick cleaning task. Choose one from: 

  • Wiping down kitchen counters
  • Dusting the living room furniture
  • Dusting the bedroom furniture
  • Emptying the dishwasher
  • Taking out the garbage

Boom. Done. Now you can relax in a much neater space.