Where Disney Princesses Would Go to College

We know no one is reading this week, so go ahead and enjoy a bit of fluff from ivillage.com about where the Disney princesses would have gone to college.


Disney’s token bookworm obviously has to be in a highly academic environment with ample library resources. Since Belle has a desire to experience more than her provincial life, a campus near a city is best for her. And although she can hold her own against distracting (and obnoxious) men, she definitely doesn’t want them around when she’s just trying to read. 

Belle’s college match: Wellesley College


This white-water-rafting, willow-whispering princess needs to be able to spend time in the uninhabited great outdoors with fellow nature lovers. And since she can “paint with all the colors of the wind” and likes to see those around her do the same, we think she’d thrive in a creative environment with a vibrant art scene. 

Pocahontas’s college match: University of Washington


This aquatic princess is articulate about her desires, saying she wants “to be where the people are” and “see them dancing,” clearly suggesting that she needs a big school with an active social scene and nightlife. When it comes to weather, Ariel specifies that she wants to “stay all day in the sun,” and “spend a day warm on the sand.” But this adventurous mermaid loves to adapt to new and unfamiliar situations and probably won’t want to stay in the same place for four years straight, so she’ll want a school with a good study abroad program. 

Ariel’s college match: University of Miami


It’s no exaggeration to say that this princess could spend a lifetime napping, so with all the time Sleeping Beauty would spend in her dorm, top-of-the-line living quarters a priority. And with a fatal curse looming over her and an evil witch hunting her down, this princess needs to stay inconspicuous in a faraway location, such as one outside the continental United States. 

Sleeping Beauty’s college match: McGill University


It’s tough to imagine who could handle hard work and a rigorous course load better than Cinderella. With her variety of practical skills and interests, she’d thrive at a school with excellent programs in all areas of study. And even though it may seem like all work and no play with this princess, when its time to party, she’s the belle of the ball. Though she shines in baby blue, we think the Orange & Black Ball would be her favorite night of the year. Also, since a prince was part of her “happily ever after,” it’s no coincidence that her perfect school has “prince” in its name. 

Cinderella’s college match: Princeton University


This bold princess is unafraid of a challenge and thrives even in a male-dominated field. Since the driving goal of this daring princess is to bring honor to her family by saving the lives of others, we think a pre-med program would be perfect for Mulan. And because warrior training has kept Mulan in tip-top shape, she’ll definitely want to go to a school with great athletic programs and recreational facilities. 

Mulan’s College Match: Johns Hopkins University


“Brave” and independent enough to go against her suitors for her own hand in marriage, Merida is incredibly competitive. And since our unconventional princess doesn’t waste any energy worrying about guys, she has extra time to devote to intense academics and athletic activities like archery, fencing and horseback riding. 

Merida’s College Match: Stanford University

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