Floor Plans of Your Favorite Fictional Apartments

sheldon and leonard s apart 10 Floor Plans of the Most Famous TV Apartments in the WorldBy now, most folks have signed leases on a lot of the more desirable apartments around UC Davis. We here at Tandem still have a handful of available units, but inventory is moving quickly.

You’re probably happy to have nailed down a nice place to live in Davis next year, but if you still yearn to find the apartment of your dreams, we can sympathize. TV and movies have raised our expectations on where and how we’d like to live. (Just remember, there’s no way a barista and a sous-chef could have afforded Monica and Rachel’s place in Greenwich Village where two-bedroom apartments in the neighborhood rent for $6,250/month.)

But it’s still fun to dream. Freshome.com has provided the floor plans of ten apartments featured in hit TV shows. Above, is Sheldon and Leonard’s place on “The Big Bang Theory.”

For more favorite floor plans, please visit the link above.