Six Common Roommate Personality Types – Which One is Yours?

Or more to the point, which is a compatible match with you?

You don’t have to live with a lot of people here at UC Davis to be able to pick out what kind of roommate an individual is. Empty-headed jocks and narcissistic drama-queens are as recognizable across a crowded room as an elephant at a pygmy convention. Here are a few categories from Recognize anybody here? (For the record, I was a Lone Wolf.)


Artsy types are very dynamic because they live in a realm between fantasy and reality. If you open your mind to the possibilities, they can show you a world that is much more interesting than your own. Whether they are painters, writers, or musicians, they will teach you to stop and recognize the beauty around you. They will unleash your inner creativity. However, they can be high maintenance, especially when they are working on one of their many projects.

My compatibility with L’Artistes is about 75%. They are so darn interesting, but you must be open minded. Otherwise, you will catch the heat of their wrath.

Lone Wolves

Lone Wolf- types value their privacy. They usually entertain themselves by expanding their intellect through research and inventions. When spoken too, they supply very short answers since their heads are filled with future endeavors. Sometimes they’ll be so quiet that you’ll forget they are there. This can be a perk for some, but this can be frustrating for those who prefer more interaction. After all, if these types need so much time to themselves, then they probably should get their own place.

My compatibility rate is 30%. Lone Wolf types keep the house nice and quiet, but this defeats the purpose of sharing a space. To me, roommates are an opportunity get to know a variety of people.

Party Animals

Some people LIVE to party. The smart Party Animals work hard all week and use their days off to let loose and welcome the high of loud music, drinks, food, and crazy dances. These parties come in creative varieties from house get-togethers to club hoping to cultural festivals. Party Animals will find any excuse to celebrate life and ignore all expectations that confine them during the week. This can be a problem if you don’t care for this lifestyle.

My compatibility rate is 50%. You must have the “When in Rome…” personality when living with Party Animals. If you don’t, this set-up will NOT work.

There are more amusing observations on different categories here including People Lovers, Romantic Experimenters, and Veggie Gurus (ahem, Davis residents!). What personality types would you add to this list?