6 Money Saving Lessons for UC Davis students

With UC Davis tuition hikes and other expenses soaring, Zenhabits.com has a list of financial tips that UC Davis students (or actually anyone) can profit from.

As Leo Babauta puts it in 6 Money Lessons for My College-Aged Daughter:

My daughter Chloe is starting out in college in the fall, and with her newfound independence will come the newfound responsibilities of dealing with money.

Like many young people, she hates thinking about finances.

I was one of them. I always dreaded budgeting and paying bills and thinking about savings and retirement, and figured I could always deal with it later.

Problem with that is you end up screwing yourself if you put things off until later. Living for the moment is great, until the finances catch up with you and the moment starts to suck because you owe a ton of debt.

Click here to read his priceless six lessons.