Tandem's Adobe Apartments Studio Suites Program Matches Roommates

4x4 Adobe Davis aptIf you don’t want to share an apartment bedroom with a roommate, but you’d still like to prune the price of living by yourself in your own one-bedroom apartment, Tandem Properties has an alternative for you.

Adobe at Evergreen offers a luxurious and inexpensive alternative to one-bedroom and studio apartments. Our three and four bedroom apartments have been divided into individual studio suites, which share stylish common living rooms, kitchens and dining areas with roommates.

Each apartment’s studio suites includes a private bathroom for each roommate, mini-refrigerator, dressing area, sink, vanity area, microwave, and a main locking outer door. The suites open up into a spacious kitchen equipped with Hotpoint large capacity refrigerators, gas stoves and dishwashers, the modern living rooms have a built in entertainment center.

All roommate program participants enjoy the privacy and security of an individual lease contract, which alleviates joint responsibility issues that arise under standard apartment leases.

Studio Suite Program Matching Worksheet

Please answer the following questions:
What studio arrangement do you prefer? (circle)         ALL MALE                    ALL FEMALE               CO-ED

Do you have any pets?  _____________ If yes, please describe.  ________________________________

Do you smoke?  ________________ Inside or Outside?  _______________________________________

Will you have a vehicle?_______________

Are you comfortable putting shared utilities into your name?_____________________________________
I go to sleep most nights: (mark one)

  • Prior to 10:00 pm
  • Between 10:00 pm and 12:00 am
  • After 12:00 am

How do you prefer your shared living spaces—kitchen and living room—to be kept? (mark one)

  • Always very clean
  • Clear of people’s belongings/dishes and usually mostly clean
  • Messy is ok

How frequently do you use your heater and air conditioner? (mark one)

  • As often as is necessary to keep the climate cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • I use it when absolutely necessary but mostly try to limit my usage
  • I almost never turn on the air conditioner or heater

How do you feel about visitors? (mark one)

  • Frequent visitors and overnight guests are ok
  • Occasional visitors are ok
  • I prefer that no visitors come into my apartment

How quiet do you like your living environment to be? (mark one)

  • Very quiet most of the time
  • Some noise sometimes
  • Loud is ok

I am aware that this worksheet will only be used as an informational guide in the Studio Suite Program. Other possible participants may view this form and I may be contacted by potential suitemates. I am aware that the management company cannot guarantee all preferences.  In addition, I agree to comply with all federal and California state fair housing guidelines in which certain classes are protected, including: race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, familial status, disability, and source of income.
_____________________________________ ______________________________________________

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